Why should you work for ACKEats?

We are a new and exciting startup company located in Nantucket! 

We launched in late 2018 and are experiencing incredible growth in just the short period of time we've been in operation.  If you are interested in joining a fast-paced, exciting and growing business we're the place you need to be. 

Some of the things we think are important:

ACK Eats e-bike 


How much will I make?

For Mobile Waiters (car and bike), we typically offer 85% each delivery fee, plus you keep 100% of all the tips.  We see our customers typically tipping 15% to 20% on each order.  In 2019, the average delivery fee was $5.05 and the average tip was $4.29, this means on one delivery a driver would make ~$9.60, on average!  The more deliveries you make the more money you make!

How do I get more info?

Check out some general information for drivers HERE. If you still need more information simply fill-out the Contact Us form. OR, if we have open job postings below that pique your curiosity, apply!  We typically respond via email quickly.  Please note, we're very busy so the entire interview process may take a few days to get scheduled once you apply (thanks for your understanding).

Open Positions (check back as we're always updating)

💚 HIRING DRIVERS NOW! (click here)  💚

Equal Opportunity Employer

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