Driving With ACK Eats

How does driving work?

How does my pay work? 

You will be your own boss working as an independent driver within the ACK Eats Driver Network. For every completed order you will receive 100% of tips plus 100% of the delivery fee minus the fees outlined in the *Delivery Fee Commission Breakdown*  below. Delivery fees are based on the distance from pick up to drop off. The base delivery fee is $2.99 and each mile driven is .60¢ up to 5 miles where it then becomes .99¢ per mile. The delivery fee can range from $2.99 to roughly $11.99 based on the distance.   


*Delivery Fee Commission Breakdown

Gross Delivery Fee * $2.99-$11.99

DDI Administration Fee -$0.35-$0.55

Ack Eats Service Fee -$1.05

Ack Eats Marketing Credit to Driver +$1.00

Net to Driver $3.34-$11.34


Drivers can reduce their DDI Administration fee by providing additional materials to DDI when setting up their accounts. Drivers who consistently wear their driver gear and use their thermal heat bags will receive a $1 Marketing Credit on each order. 

To summarize, Drivers will receive the Gross Delivery Fee - the DDI Administration Fee - The ACK Eats Service + the ACK Eats Marketing Credit. This typically comes out to the Gross Delivery Fee minus .60-.40 cents per order.

Tips are obviously not mandatory, but are highly suggested during the customer ordering experience and our historical data shows that the vast majority of customers that use our service do consistently tip the drivers.

It’s important to remember that earnings for some orders could be as low as $2.99 while others could be as high as $25-$35+. We have calculated that historically the average order comes out to roughly $11 in earnings for the driver.

Remember, orders are not guaranteed, and are correlated to how busy we are at any given time. Some days you may receive 6 orders and some days you may receive 20+! The more you drive, the more orders you receive, the more orders you receive the more you earn! The cool thing is that if you’ve got some time between orders, you can spend that time doing whatever you like!

(We suggest binge watching Netflix. Grabbing a Bite To Eat or Reading a Good Book.)

When do I get Paid?  

You are paid in two ways using Instant for recieving your tips and DDI for receiving delivery fee payments.
Instant- You will download and setup an Instant account and receive an Instant card prior to working your first shift. At the end of each shift, you will receive a push notification to your Instant app notifying you that 100% of your tips from that day are now available in your Instant account. Using the Instant app and card you will be able to tranfer the funds directly to your bank account, take cash out of an ATM or use the card the same way you would use any debit card. For more information on what you can do with Instant click here.
DDI- DDI payments will be processed every Monday. Keep in mind that it will be 2 weeks after you start driving before you’ll see your first DDI deposit! After the first deposit, every Friday morning you’ll see your Delivery Fee earnings have been transferred to your Bank Account.

Do I Choose my own schedule? 

You’ll Use the When I Work app to view your schedule and choose the Open-Shifts you plan to fill! If you are able to consistently work the same days/times each week you will be elligible to have recurring shifts setup where your shifts will repeat each week. Otherwise, you will receive a notification on your phone when the OpenShifts for the week have been published. OpenShifts are published every Thursday, and are made available to every driver in your area.  Once all of the available shifts have been claimed, you will no longer have the ability to schedule yourself ahead of time. You’ll receive notifications throughout the week for the shifts that have not been claimed, and for any new shifts that have become available. Keep in mind that regardless of the shifts you have claimed, You will not receive any orders until you have checked yourself in on the “DriverLogic” App. 

Scheduled Drivers Get Priority?

Maybe you’d like to drive tonight can’t fill an entire shift (shift example: 5:00pm – 9:30pm). Don’t worry, you can always let the dispatch team know you’re available to make deliveries even if you are not on the schedule by using the Check In button in the DriverLogic App. Just keep in mind that you’ll only receive orders once all of the scheduled drivers are busy on other deliveries. If you were to do this we reccommend doing so during buys times like Friday-Sunday evenings.

Can I Drop Shifts?

We do ask that you only claim shifts that you are positive you’ll be able to fill. We also ask that if you have to,  please drop your shift AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to give time for another driver to cover your shift. Additionally, drivers who consistently don't pickup shifts and/or check in weekly, drop shifts excessively or consistently do not accept orders when on a shift will be removed from the platform.

What Apps will I need? 

driverlogic – (account created for you)

Your login credentials will be the same email you used for Jobble and the password will be "123" This is the app you'll use to receive, and execute deliveries. You'll use this app to mark orders Accepted, Arrived, Enroute, and Delivered. You will also use this app to "Check In" at the start of each shift to let dispatch know you are ready to receive orders. Just be sure that you don't forget to "Check Out" when you have finished your shift! You can also speak with the dispatch team in your DriverLogic app at any time by selecting the Chat tab, or view your total earnings for the orders you've completed in the Reports tab.

DDI – (account created for you)

After submitting your application, you will receive an email and phone call from DDI with the steps needed to set up your account. After logging into DDI you will need to complete the required paperwork, set up your profile and link your bank to receive direct deposits each week. 


After submitting your application, you will receive a text and email from WhenIWork notifying you that you have been added to the ACK Eats workplace. You will then simply need to tap the link and create a password for your account. You’ll use the When I Work App to see your schedule and/or claim the OpenShifts you plan to drive each week. (NOTE: Make sure you enable Mobile Alerts for Schedule Updates once you are in your account in order to receive notifications about schedule releases and updates) See video's below for further assistance.
1. Joining Workplace
2. Enabling Shift Alerts For Your Phone
3. Taking Openshifts
4. Swapping or Dropping a Shift
INSTANT FINANCIAL- (You Create Account)

After picking up your bags/gear you will need to setup your Instant acccount using the envelop and card you receive when you pick up your things.You’ll use the Instant App to receive your Credit Card Tips each day you work. See the video below for step by step instructions to create your instant account. (NOTE: Our location address is 61 Old south Rd and our Company name is "ACKeats, LLC") See video below for further assistance.
Instant Onboarding Video

How Do I Get My Bags/Gear?

Once officially hired and successfully setup in each app (DriverLogic, Jobble, WhenIWork, Instant and Zello) you can then pickup your bags/gear. At this time we will reach out to you via text providing the pickup location where you can grab your New Hire Gear including (2 Delivery Bags, ACK Eats Shirt, Penny Card and Instant Card). Once picking up your gear you will be all set to begin working! (NOTE: To activate your Penny Card, text the last 4 digits of the card to your manager and they will activate the card for you.)

NOTE: If you have not applied and would like to, please see our Driver Application.

All App Download Links:
Driverlogic App iPhone

DriverLogic App Android

Instant App iPhone
Instant App Android
WhenIWork Scheduling App iPhone
WhenIWork Scheduling App Android