Our Story

We started ACKEats because we saw a need for more convenience and efficiency when ordering food on the island.

We independently shared a similar experience with our families; sitting at home and having no easy way to get food delivered from our favorite restaurants. We figured, we cannot be alone in wanting a service like this! Especially during busy summer months, who wants to go deal with the traffic, parking and logistics of trying to grab a take-out order in Town?

Why not create something that can bring the food to us?  So, we did.

We created ACKEats and we hope we can bring food to the thousands of year-round residents and visitors alike!

Our mission..

If there is ever anything we can do better we want to hear from you.

Doug  Liam


Where do we Deliver?

  * summer only

How we Deliver?

You'll see us deliverying by traditional car, by boat, and even by electric bikes!  We'll have in-town coverage with our fleet of ACKEats Electric bikes.  Having a fleet of bikes will help reduce the congestion and will help us transport food to traditional (car) drivers who will take the food to the outlying areas of the island!

The Team

Co-founders Liam Bruno and Doug Kruse have a combined 30+ years of experience leveraging technology systems to solve common problems and build businesses.

Doug Kruse
Doug has 30+ years building software.  He started out creating his own web site development company while studying Business and Computer Information Systems at Colorado State in 1995.  From there he went on to consult and build massive systems for companies like Perkin-Elmer, Talbots and IPNetworks.

In 2002, Doug co-founded a company that created a suite of software for online ticket sales.  That company grew from 1 employee to 600+ in less than 10 years, with annual revenue through the ticketing platform at over $1B/year.  

He is a seasonal resident and enjoys his time on the beach in Tom Nevers where his family owns a home.

Liam Bruno
Liam is a 2018 graduate of Wheaton College where he studied Business Administration and Management and was Captain of the Men's Basketball Team.

Originally from Newton, MA. he's been a seasonal resident of the island his entire life. His background includes various Staff Coordinator and Management positions at Murray Children's Camp which his parents have operated for over 30 years, in addition to interning at Sustainable Nantucket and Ack Smart Energy.

Liam is extremely passionate about entrepeneurship and applying technology to solve problems.

He is currently a year-round island resident and has enjoyed becoming a part of the Nantucket Community.

Food Safety is Important to Us!

Our goal is to provide the best food delivery service possible on Nantucket!  Unlike existing food transport methods currently being used on the island, we use professional grade thermal food transportation bags and ensure our drivers take a food handling course. 


Please give us a try today!